Things to Be Consider Before Buying Persian Rug

Persian rugs have a rich history and it has always been known as a luxurious decorative item. In ancient times, kings and queens adored oriental tapestry and today the status of the Persian rug is no less than it was. At Rugsville.com we stock a wide range of gorgeous Persian rugs that has been woven to perfection. We have a passion for the artwork that is portrayed on these rugs and we make it possible for our clients to add one of our magnificent pieces to their homes at an affordable price. Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a Persian rug from us.


persian rugs

persian rugs

They never go out of style

As we have said previously, Persian rugs are always in style and it remains a classic in the carpet industry. The same designs that hang on the walls of your home are the same designs that christened palaces and castles years before. The patterns remain true to Persian culture and you will never find another like it anywhere in the world. Not only does it remain a fashion trend forever, but no rug is alike. Each one is unique in its style and shows exquisite beauty.

They last forever

Take it from us: Persian rugs last a lifetime. They can withstand even the toughest conditions and the rug will still look immaculate. Some of the oldest rugs are oriental and have been cherished by numerous institutions across the globe. Many of these rugs become tradition in the houses of our clients because they are woven to the highest quality. This because they are handcrafted by expert rug weavers and this makes it easy for families to pass it down from one generation to the next.

persian rugs

persian rugs

They support artists

The weaving of Persian rugs is seen as an art form and what better way is there to expose artists from overseas? Many Persian rugs are woven by members from small communities and by purchasing one you are helping them in creating employment opportunities.

They are a good investment

What people fail to realise is that Persian rugs are not only meant for decorative purposes, but that they are in fact a financial investment. Many people all over the world collect Persian rugs and sell it for a huge amount of money after a few years. Rugknots.com notes that once a Persian rug reaches any age between 30 to 70 years, its value will increase significantly. Once it hits 100 years it could qualify for antique status. If you should ever choose to sell it, you could be in a high position of bargaining when it comes to deciding on a price.

persian rugs

persian rugs

They are environmentally friendly

Unlike rugs that are mass produced by synthetic methods, Persian rugs are made by using natural products. The natural dyes and natural materials that they use don’t release any toxins at all. They are also not as flammable as ordinary machine-made rugs.

These rugs are adorable.  They can completely transform the atmosphere of the room. A quality Persian rug can usually be over your budget, however considering the charm and durability I think it is worth to buy one!

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  1. Chrish Benyayer September 20, 2016 / 7:05 am

    Persian Rugs are always in fashion and gives an amazing look !

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